Dell D610 Bios Password Reset

Today I had a problem with Dell Latitude D610. BIOS was locked. Only one way is to crack the password.

Usually we can do this by removing the small battery and leave it out for few minutes. But in this occasion nothing help.
Even some BIOS password remover software could not help me. And than I found the way how to fix this problem.

I’m not responsible for any damage made by you. You will do this on your own risk !

  • Unlug the power supply
  • Remove the battery, DVD drive, HDD
  • Remove all screws from the bottom of your laptop
  • Open the laptop and take out keyboard
  • Now Remove bottom of case
  • CMOS is located near the modem. Its hidden under the black plastic cover.


dellchip(picture is only for showing the position of CMOS)

  • Now you need to located the pins



  • Use paper clip or piece of wire and short out the pins for 5 seconds
  • Plug the power supply and press power button whilst you shorting out those pins
  • Done
  • Reassemble the case

Now is all done. Switch on the laptop and you will see message. Press FN+X or restart it manually. After restart, you will be able to change anything in BIOS.


Good Luck!







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