Probably everyone who has ever listened to the SDR receiver or transceiver, could not remain indifferent to its reception, and especially to the convenience, which is manifested in the fact that the station on the range can not only hear but also see. Overview of the range of the panorama SDR transceiver allows you to quickly and visually to find the station in the receive band, which significantly accelerates the search for correspondents during the contests, and with the daily work on the air. With the “waterfall” to visually track the history of signals at the range and can easily make the transition to an interesting correspondent. In addition, it shows us a panorama of the AFC received stations, their band and the width of the radiation that allows you to quickly find a free spot on the band to call other radio amateurs.

It is only if we talk about the visual part of the SDR, but also do not forget about the processing of signals, both at the reception and for transmission. Full control of the width and all that is in the receive band. On the transmission, too, everything turns out beautifully, if the operator hands grow from the right place.

But there is one thing to make it work the SDR, need additional devices, and it is primarily the computer itself, the monitor, and high-quality sound card. And of course the software to him and to the SDR transceiver. And it already entails certain specific requirements for knowledge in computer ham. What is not always, and not all, unfortunately present.




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